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Jason Ho

SouthEast Asia's 1st Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach
Platinum Coach (Gallup Awarded)

Ideation • Strategic • Adaptability • Relator • Self-Assurance

Jason is SouthEast Asia's 1st StrengthsFinder® Certified & Platinum Coach and Founder of Strengths School™. He has over 10 years of corporate experience in training, development and performance coaching for MNCs, SMEs, schools & non-profit organizations. Jason has over 11,000 hours of experience in Personal development coaching and Management consultancy. He completed the Practicing Management Consultation Certification, awarded by the SBACC (Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council) ensuring the high standards for Management Consultancy in Singapore. Jason sits on the NUS Business School panel as a StrengthsFinder® Advisor and assists in running the ‘Emerging Leaders Program’ for high performance individuals. Jason was also a keynote speaker for the ASEAN Future Leaders Summit, sharing about Strengths-based leadership with over 80 delegates from the region.

From Singapore to across Asia, Jason has successfully led workshops and coaching programs for corporate organizations such as DHL, Johnson & Johnson, Spring Singapore, WDA and popular brands such as Timberland, Eastpak and Nautica. His passion to empower managers and staff in strengths is evident through his enthusiasm in leading fun-filled workshops. Clients leave with a heightened level of self-awareness that is empowering.

Believing in giving back to his roots, Jason has also conducted StrengthsFinder® workshops for both teachers and students in his alma mater, ACS Barker. Jason has also conducted workshops for both teachers and students in Northland Secondary and various other schools. 

Jason is also the Creative Director in his church and actively engages his strengths in the area of arts and music. He directs 2-3 musical and drama performances a year and is a strong advocate in the arts arena. He is the proud creator of the Strengths Art Wall™, a showcase of strengths in the form of a picture! All art pieces are created by participants of workshops that Jason has facilitated. 


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