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ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016

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Day 1 (Thurs) 2 Jun 2016

Strengths for Students
Exploratory workshops for students

Strengths for Educators
Exploratory workshops for Educators    



Day 2 (Fri) 3 Jun 2016

Plenary 1
Why Strengths for Education? Why Strengths for Singapore Education?

Gallup StrengthsFinder is the premier profiling tool used by 13 million people worldwide. Strengths-based education emphasizes the intentional use of one’s unique and individualized talents to achieve a sustainable high performance & personal success. It also opens up multiple pathways to success, to appreciate and engage diverse talents. This plenary showcases the experiences and cases of Strengths-based education in USA and different parts of the world.

Plenary 2
Maximizing student motivation using strengths

It’s often easy to focus on what students do badly in as compared to what they do well in. Students’ abilities are maximized when they realize what they do well in and are guided to repeat these successes. This plenary explores the idea behind motivating students by helping them own their strengths and increase their self-confidence.

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Plenary 3
Applying Strengths for School Transformation

Strengths discovery is an exciting start but too many individuals & organizations stop prematurely before realising the full benefits of strengths-based development. This plenary explores the essential building blocks & milestones in a strengths-based developmental journey.



Concurrent Session
#1A “Leveraging Strengths for Greater Team Synergy”

(by Jason Ho)

It is often observed that there is a greater need for synergy and teamwork within the school management committee as well as within the different departments. This session highlights how the use of Gallup Strengthsfinder can improve effective communication and therefore teamwork. Case studies will be shared to illustrate the different success stories experienced by some of the educators in our local schools.

Concurrent Session
#1B Strengths Application for Cyber Wellness

(by Yeang Cherng)

Cyber wellness is a core focus for Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) today. This session explores the use of Gallup StrengthsFinder to improve self-awareness, self management & responsible decision-making in students facing risky Internet use. Local case studies will highlight users’ Internet experiences and illustrate application of the StrengthsFinder talent themes.

Concurrent Session
#1C Game of Life™ (Students)

(By Victor Seet)

The Game of Life™ is a structured interactive experience that brings participants to a place of self-examination and awareness on how their choices are made. The Game of Life™ integrates the Strengths-Based Leadership model and this session focuses on helping participants discover how applying their talents can bring them stories of success.

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Concurrent Session #2A - School showcase

(By Yeang cherng)

Schools and educators have innovated widely in using StrengthsFinder for schools. In this session, we showcase a few Singapore schools who have successfully applied the Strengths-Based approach.

Concurrent Session
#2B - Strengths Application for Conflict Resolution

(By Hee Guan)

Conflict management starts with identifying common ground, followed by expanding the place of agreement. This session demonstrates the process of leveraging the Gallup StrengthsFinder “language” to bridge differences and resolve misunderstanding. This Strengths-Based approach specifically showcases case studies of mediation between parent and child and opens up exciting possibilities for school-home partnerships.

Concurrent Session
#2C - Game of Life (Students)

Continuation of 'Game of Life™'